The carpentery

Madera Carpentry: exclusive handicrafts, created with passion and attention to detail. Precision and tradition which demonstrate perceivably high quality and a quest for design, without diminishing the classic style of the wood and joinery workmanship, whilst keeping the use of glue to a minimum.
Reliable production processes with low environmental impact are applied, favouring the use of native timber and European essences, and only those certified PEFC and FSC are used. Only organic Livos oils and waxes are used for the varnish.
In many cases, the furniture may appear to be like any other, and it isn’t easy to evaluate the price or quality. Often, industrial manufacturing can produce good-looking pieces, despite using lesser quality materials. As a matter of fact, the cost of the product is frequently not proportionate and advertising can easily fool you.
Whereas, Madera Carpentry is committed to offering products of unquestionable quality and unmistakable value, clearly set apart by the materials used and offered at a fair price.